Welcome To Beitko

What We do

At Beitko we are focused on becoming the number one real estate service and marketing platform world wide, one market at a time.
On Beitko, we try and make available all the tools and resources which people need to make a decision to buy, sell or rent their property! With present day challenges, it has become increasingly tough on normal people to quickly sell or buy property without being obliged to go through with a brokerage firm or agency. The Beitko team believes in diversity, quality, and the availability of multiple options; Providing it’s users the freedom of choice. Real estate markets should not be dominated or controlled by one entity or another, but rather contributed to by multiple service providers which consumers get to choose from freely. We believe that Beitko will ultimately contribute to fair and square competition amongst the service and product providers, which in turn brings out the best in all. On a larger scale this will help improve real estate service and product quality nationwide and in the near future, internationally. Because our users are what matters most!

Our beginnings

Beitko was started up and founded by three young aspiring entrepreneurs, who at some point attempted to invest their money in the real estate market, and came across numerous obstacles which made the process rather difficult for them. With an entrepreneurial mindset and a determination to make the real estate investment opportunity an option available to all, Beitko was the product!

About the company

Beitko mobile app is owned and operated by the Beitko FZ LLC. Based in Fujairah, United Arab Emirates. We have ventured our first real estate market in Egypt, and look forward to growing into the MENA region and across the African Continent. Beitko Mobile app is copyrighted by Beitko FZ LLC.

Our Mission

Beitko aims to provide everyone and anyone the ability to sell, rent, or buy property unrestricted without needing to pay for the ability to do so. Beitko reaches out to include all kinds of real estate investors and families which are looking for real-estate related services and products.

We plan to spread worldwide to enable international real-estate market transactions, providing users the option to search and find property for sale or rent in different countries which Beitko operates within.

Beitko also aims to increase investment opportunities within Egypt, and to help stimulate and revitalise the economy. The real estate market, which holds a considerably large amount of investments in comparison to any other investment sector across the nation is vital to the prosperity of the economy and the development of the country’s infrastructure.